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Amazon FIFINE K036 Dual Wireless Microphones System for Gig, Home Karaoke with PA Speaker, Karaoke Machine
$ 66.99 USD
What's Included A FIFINE K036 receiver (NO built-in amplifier, an external speaker is NECESSARY!)   Two handheld microphones  A power adapter  Three audio cables (a 1/4" to 1/4" cable, a 1/8" to 1/8" cable and an RCA to 1/8" cable)  If you are going to use it in California USA, in order to get the...
Amazon FIFINE K025 Wireless Handheld Microphone System, Battery-powered for Karaoke Night
$ 29.99 USD
What's Included A FIFINE MICROPHONE K025 A 1/4" output connector receiver (Using with mobile, please order a smartphone adapter cable) Features Get live events well-prepared in a short time    The handheld microphone (transmitter) is pre-paired with the receiver. Setup is a breeze with this wireless system!    Just remove from the box,...
Amazon FIFINE K8 Dynamic Vocal Microphone (Double-copper braiding Cable Included) Plug & Play on PA, Mixer
$ 29.99 USD
What's Included A FIFINE MICROPHONE K8 An XLR-1/4" cable (19 feet) A carrying bag A foam cover Features Well-constructed microphone The rugged all-metal slim body keeps a good profile either mounting or hand-holding. A sleek finish makes it feel like melting away in your hands. A Flat ring on the steel mesh...
Amazon FIFINE K6 Dynamic Handheld Microphone Plug & Play on Speaker for Karaoke, Presentation
$ 19.99 USD
What's Included A FIFINE MICROPHONE K6 An XLR-1/4" cable (14.8 feet).   Features Well-constructed user-friendly microphone A rugged all-metal slim body has an attractive profile when either mounted or handheld. A sleek finish makes it feel like melting away in your hands. The flat ring on the steel mesh grille protects against rolling when laid...
Amazon FIFINE N5 Four-channel Line Mixer with Individual Volume Controls
$ 26.95 USD
Features Set up with multiple gears in a more direct way Allows 4 channel inputs from guitar, bass, MIDI keyboard, microphone, etc.  Each channel can be connected with balanced professional equipment or unbalanced consumer products.    Output to the audio mixer, amplifier or processor. Have more fun in your use The...