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FIFINE K668 USB Microphone Plug & Play with Windows/Mac for Video Call, Streaming, Voice Over
Features    Ace up a gamer's sleeve Plug & Play on Windows, Mac and PS4 (incompatible with Xbox). No need for extra power or a manually-installed driver.  Plug in USB, that's all. You're ready to unleash audio power and rock & roll in...
FIFINE K432 USB Webcam with 1080P Resolution, Plug & Play on PC and Mac for Streaming, Conferencing
What's Included A FIFINE K432 USB webcam Features Starting out a streaming career? Throw a good punch with a USB webcam!       For the money, an external webcam gives you a way bigger bang for the buck. Can you get...
FIFINE K050 USB Microphone Mini with Adjustable Gooseneck for Video-call, Dictation on Laptop/PC - Black
What's Included A FIFINE MICROPHONE K050  An anti-wind foam cover  Features Plug & Play capability Take it out of the box, plug it into the front or the back of the PC. You are good to go.  No bother with...
FIFINE K052 USB PC Computer Microphone (Mute Button/Volume Dial/LED Indicator) for Conferencing
  What's Included A FIFINE MICROPHONE K052  Features Start web conferencing quickly and easily USB plug-and-play on Mac, Windows and Linux computers (incompatible with Xbox) for instant communication anytime.  Volume dial for quick adjustment on the fly to avoid annoying pauses during video meetings....
FIFINE K053 Computer USB Lapel Microphone for Skype Calls, Conferencing, Dictating and Voice-over
What's Included A FIFINE MICROPHONE K053 Features Surprisingly low price, remarkably easy setup  USB 2.0 plug & play on Mac, Windows and Linux computer (incompatible with Xbox). 6.5 feet long cable gives you good mobility with ease. No worries about unplugging...
FIFINE K031B Wireless USB Computer Lapel Microphone with Headsest for Fitness Class, Conferencing
What's included  A FIFINE K031B transmitter (body-pack) A lapel mic & a Head-worn mic  A receiver (USB type-A 2.0 connector) Features  Record videos cannot be any easier The USB connection makes for a simple setup with Windows, Mac or Linux (incompatible with Xbox). ...
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